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About Me

Hi! I am so glad you found my website!

My name is Rebecca Lobbezoo... but before I married my best friend Ben, my maiden name was Schut(shoot)... hence the name PhotoSCHUT :) 

I have always had a love for memories! I love talking about family history and I love studies about world and biblical history. And photography fits right into that passion. Being able to freeze a moment in time for others to see. Capturing a moment that you can look back on forever. 

I studied at Mohawk in Hamilton to achieve my certificate in digital art and applied Photography. I work part time for my parents in their bakery and I love it! It also gives me the opportunity to have flexible hours for my growing photography business!

I am Mommy to 3 BEAUTIFUL babies and its such a blessing to love these little gifts!

Contact Me

86 Victoria St N

Woodstock, On N4S 6V3

Tel: 519-421-6404

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